How can you master creativity? You can’t, but…


The Internet is full of articles, books and videos on how you can become more creative. 7 steps, 2 secrets, one magic potion(good old snake oil) and so on. You want to become more creative? That’s great. I want too. Yet the hard thruth is you can’t become more creative! You can just make room for creativity to manifest through you. That’s a huge difference.

Ideas, inspiration and art are not your creation. You’re just a connector between the invisible world and the visible world. You receive a gift and pass it along.

The more you think and try to control the creativity process, the less creative you are. It’s like trying to catch a cat versus relax and let the cat come to you.

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Life priorities: why we don’t have time for our biggest dreams


Don’t tell me you don’t have time for your dreams and passions. That’s the worst excuse ever. Are you working 3 jobs? Are you enslaved on a cotton field? Are you locked down in a dungeon like Count de Monte Cristo?

Offcourse you have time. But you’re also afraid. And the fear keeps you stuck. The fear keeps you locked. The fear wants you play it small. To play it safe. To stay away from the risks. To live in a bubble.

That’s ok. Acknowledging and accepting the fear it’s a huge step. You shift from fake excuses to the real cause: the fear itself. I’m afraid too. And that’s ok. I fact, all of the people who live their dreams are afraid. Famous writers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, athelethes, musicians, designers, teachers, they are all afraid. Fear is something we all feel.

The big difference is that people who dare to try something new, to go for their dreams, to get up after they were crushed, act in spite of their fears. They don’t wait for fear to be diminished or to dissapear.

Fear will always be there. But when you do it anyway you get stronger. You exercise your courage. You get more power. The fear loses it’s grip on you. And with time you come to a point where you just don’t feel it anymore.

When you won a big battle, life will call you onto something new. Something uncomfortable and scarry. And you will go through the process again. This time you are more powerful and stronger and better. So it’s the fear. Just like in those old school games: the level 9 boss is way more tough level 1 boss.

But why do I need to hustle? Why can’t I just have a nice, easy and comfortable life?

Because a comfortable life it’s boring, dull and unfulfilling. I know it. And you know it. You’ve lived it. That warm feeling you have after a couple of days of doing nothing. You go to work, you come home, eat something, have a glass of wine, watch tv or scroll your smartphone. It’s easy for your mind but it’s hard for your heart.

This is one of life’s funny paradoxes: an easy life it’s hard to live. It drains you and it kills your true spirit little by little.

What about the fear zone? Isn’t life there harder? The truth is that taking on new challenges is hard and magical at the same time. You get amazing energy and satisfaction in the process. It’s so powerful that you will merely feel the hard as hard. You see everything in full color, you’re be excited, energized, hopeful and optimistic. You start to live instead of merely surviving. You prioritize your dreams in front of Facebook’s timeline updates.

– But I’m to afraid to take on big challenges!

– Then start small.

Do something that scares you and excites you at the same time every day. When you feel ready, just raise the stakes. Move on to the next level. Where should I start? Your heart already knows the answer. Just listen to it. And just do it.

In the end you will have to make a choice: you either master your fears or you allow your fears to master you.

What will it be?

How to quit job and do what you love for a living


You don’t like what you do? But you do it anyway because you need to pay the bills? It turns out you’re not the only one. In USA alone, 52.3% of people are not happy with their jobs. And the number is growing.

I grew up in Eastern Europe, in Romania. If Americans are unhappy, wait to see us. I was 6 when the revolution hit the country. All my childhood and adolescence I lived in uncertainty.

To us, choosing a certain career it wasn’t about getting rich but surviving. At most, living a decent life. How can you pursue your passion in this environment?

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What’s the right way to be successful in life?


Superstars. Athletes, singers, writers, gurus, philosophers, starlets, movie actors, billionaires.

We envy their careers, achievements, and lifestyle. Why not? The media praise them. Everybody looks at them with respect. They seem to have everything.

Most of us don’t have a direction in our lives.  You don’t know what you want to do when you’re 10 or 15. Or you know and you do it. But ten years you may need to start from scratch.

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Love Relationships: the biggest scam in the world?


Romantic LOVE. The final frontier. Even if everything else fails: businesses, friendships, hopes, dreams, careers, we’ll always have Romantic Love. The singularity point, the magic potion that will cure everything.

We grew up with this thinking deeply engrained in our brains. Most stories tell it so: after all the struggles, the boy gets the girl. After all the waiting, the girl gets the boy. And they live happily ever after.

Romantic Love is now one of the biggest obsessions in the world at this point.

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